Friday, 29 January 2010

Friday Five

Five books I have read so far in 2010 (I'm not doing too bad with that whole "read more" resolution...!!)

This was a Christmas gift from my Mum, who loves Lee was really good, and completely different to things I usually read...

2. One Day (Vintage Contemporaries Original) This was a really fun book, a romance of sorts but more about growing up, finding yourself, and making life what you want it to be...

3. I love Douglas Coupland so, so much and always buy his new book when it comes out. This one was not his greatest, imho, but still fantastic.

4. I have raved and raved about this book. It's perfect. Simply wonderful.

This I am actually still reading, but very much enjoying it. I really loved her "House at Riverton" which I read last year, and this was a pass-along from a friend (Thanks, J!) and I'm really enjoying it!

(*cough* I have more about each of these in my bookish blog, if you're interested...)

Also, these links are all to'm going to try and change it to when I get home tonight though ;)


  1. Hi, stumbled on to your blog from a Blog Roll click-through journey :)

    I absolutely adored Guernsey Literary and The Forgotten Garden - they were two of my best reads of 2009!

  2. Well, now, this is where I begin a whine and moan. When I lived in Canada I was amazed at the library services - you can order books without a cost, there are multiple copies of prize winning reads and popular books, you simply place your name in the queue and you get an email telling you when to pick it up. Audio tapes/cds/, dvds etc all free. I grew up in Surrey and they had good libraries, but Devon.....well nothing but frustration. In my town there are 3 libraries and I can never get anything on my list, they either don't have copies, copies are lost or you need to pay £1 adn wait for 3-6 months. That is the best case scenario. It drives me up the wall!!!!

    Moan over. I promise! lol

  3. kat, hello! i just finished "the forgotton garden" today, it's wonderful! :)

    and frugal trenches, yes i agree, and i sympathise. libraries vary so greatly on what they offer. it was my pet peeve when i worked in public libraries that they would be eleven thousand copies of the richard and judy book club books but nothing else. i also hate with a passion reservation fees and waiting times! especially when you compare the cost with how little you can buy books for from amazon sometimes!
    have you tried paperback swap? (i'm not sure of the website but if you google it you should find it...i've never used it but heard good things about it!) xx


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